Sightstitality of Amsterdam: Princenght Channel

Princengracht (Prinsengracht) – the longest of all channels of the district of Grechtengoredo – it stretches on the exterior oblique from Ambulation to Western Docks (Westerdok), separating the area of ​​Yordan from "Rings canals". He received his name in honor of Prince Wilhelm I Orange and also built a rich citizens, although a little later "Neighborhood".

    Sightstation of Amsterdam Channel Princenght
  • Rare example of a Dutch amp – Palace of Justice (Paleis Van Justitie; Prinsengracht, 436), built in the XVII century as a orphanage, but rebuilt in 1825-1829;
  • Unioressance building first in Amsterdam Milk Plant (Melkinrichting, 1890 g.; Prinsengracht, 739-741),
  • picturesque courtyard of the former women’s shelter Deccenefier (Deutzenhofje; Prinsengracht, 855-899) 1695 buildings,
  • quiet Amtell’s Square (AmstelVeld) with "temporary church" Amstelkerk (Amstelkerk) and Monument "Professor Cocadorus" – Known by its acute language and skill of the Jew, Linnenevil (1867-1934.),
  • church "Dove" (De duif, 1796 g.) On the opposite side of the channel – this is the first Catholic temple, erected in Amsterdam since the Reformation times,
  • as well as unusual Tobacco Museum (Pijpenkabinet & Smokiana, www.pijpenkabinet.NL) with the store of the same name.

The most visited object of the district is considered Anna Frank House-Museum (Anne Frankhuis; Prinsengracht, 263-267).

Sightstation of Amsterdam Channel Princenght

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