Sightseeing: Bangkoka Channels

One of the main symbols of the capital of Thailand is considered "Clonggi" – so local residents call channels. In the XIX century, there was a very extensive water system in Bangkok, for which the city was called Eastern Venice. The role of streets in it was performed by channels. Some of them fell asleep over time, ordinary roads are now laid in their place. But in the area of ​​Rattanakosin Island on the eastern shore of the Chaoprayi River, the channels have been preserved. And the largest of them – SEN-SEP – crosses the whole city and, as before, is considered the main transport arterier.

A total of 150 channels have been preserved in Bangkok. "Clonggi" created for transportation, since ordinary roads on clay soils, constantly blurred in the rainy season, it was almost impossible to use for these purposes. In the process of arrangement and operation, the channels began to prevent, they began to build huts on piles.

On the west bank of the river and today you can see the Bangkok area located on "Klongs". Tens of thousands of citizens live in houses on water, and movement here is carried out on boats of an elongated form, called long-tailed. The whole life of the people of the district is associated with water, and "Clonggi" They are replaced by roads: the motor boats and plastic boats, more resembling simple troughs, are constantly squeezed.

In this unusual corner of the Thai capital is the Museum of Royal Boats. There are small, but durable and comfortable wooden vessels. They are made in traditional style and pretty colorful. Periodically, they are used when conducting official solemn ceremonies.

Sightstation Channels Bangkoka

Tourists have the opportunity to make excursions through the channels of Bangkok, using the services of river trams. From the berth Tha-Chang, located near the Royal Palace, boats are departed with an interval of 20 minutes. However, the stopping of river trams and moorings occur at each step, you can choose any place.

Walk through city canals – Mandatory tourist entertainment
Bangkok canals run both modern vessels and boats in traditional style
"Clonggi" Look extremely colorful
From water you can see a lot of interesting monuments of Bangkok

Sightstation Channels Bangkoka

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