Sightstate Zurich: Emil Burle Foundation

This Art Museum of Zurich has a unique collection of exhibits. Here are stored antique and medieval sculptures, as well as the canvas of the greatest artists of the world.

From among the old masters in the museum, El Greco, Rembrand, Goya, Coro, Engr, Tintoretto, Rubens. The collection of masterpieces Impressionism and postmingness is involved in the work of Monet and Mana, sischay, Degas, Pizarro, Van Gogh, Gauguen, Matisse. There are in the Burell Assembly and the Pictures of the Modern Epoch – this is a cloth of Shagal, Modigliani, Picasso, Marriage, Utrillo.

All these invaluable treasures of world culture were collected by industrialist Emil Burle during World War II. Preferably, they were in possession of individuals of Jewish origin and, given the political situation in Europe at that time and close cooperation of the BURIL with the Nazi regime, got a new owner easily. After the end of the war, the eligibility of finding a masterpiece in the Burel meeting was repeatedly challenged, however, almost all of them remained in their place in the collection.

Sightstate Zurich Emil Burle Foundation

In 1960, after the death of the collector, his widow and children founded the Burle Foundation and transferred most of the exhibits for the museum’s collection, which was opened to the public in the same year. Now the museum occupies a small building of 1886 buildings near the former collector residence.

The collection is stored on a picturesque villa
Claude Monet. Poppy field near the flip

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