Sightseeing Helsinki: Suomenlinna

The sea fortress Suomenlinna is located on the Islands of Wolf Schhers, at the entrance to the harbor Helsinki. The history of the fortress has been around 250 years old: Suomenlinna was built in 1748-1772, in those days Finland was part of the Swedish kingdom, and therefore the fortress was swedish name Sveaburg. However, already in 1808, after a short-term siege, Sveaborg surrendered to our troops, and Finland on a peace treaty passed Russia. Up to receipt of the Finns of Independence on the territory of the fortress, a our garrison was located, and during the Crimean War in 1855, Sveaborg gave fierce rebuff of the Anglo-French squadron, despite the fact that the enemy’s forces significantly exceeded the forces of the defenders of the fortress.

Today, Suomenlinna is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and a unique open-air museum has been opened on its territory. Tourists can inspect the preserved forts and bastions, as well as visit the Military Museum "Manesey", The Gallery of August and the Customs Museum, and also visited the submarine "Web".

Sightstate Helsinki Suomenlinna

A fortress and several interesting museums are on the islands of Suomenlinna
Suomenlinna Fortress – UNESCO World Heritage Site

How to get: from Market Square (Kauppatori) in Suomenlinna from 6.00 and up to 02.00 with intervals of forty minutes departs ferries. Time on the way – 15-20 minutes. Ticket there – back costs 5 euros, there are travel city transport.
The market square is located in the very center of Helsinki, the nearest Kauppatori stop, trams number 1, 1a and 2.

Sightstate Helsinki Suomenlinna

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