Sightseeing Espoo: Natural Center "Haltya"

Centre "Haltya" (Haltia) was opened in 2013 not far from National Park Nuksio, located 30 kilometers north-west of Helsinki. On August 31 of the same year, a new public holiday was celebrated here – the Day of Finnish Nature.

The main exposition of the Center is information on numerous National Parks of Finland, about their nature and history. In the restaurant at the center you can get acquainted with a variety of Finnish cuisine.

Exposition of the Center for Interactive – In addition to the visual series of visitors, accompany the sounds of nature, corresponding to a specific place, images from Finnish mythology, including from the epic "Kalevala".

Premises in which the center is located "Haltya", were designed under the guidance of architect Rainer Mahlamäki, who was just inspired "Kalelava". From the north side, the building is attached to the rock, the south side goes to the lake; All his surroundings symbolizes the variety, purity and wealth of Finnish Nature. 75% of heating and cooling is obtained at the expense of the Sun and Earth. Interior premises are designed in such a way that they can be used for different purposes – exhibitions, mass events, concerts.

Sightstate Espo Natural Center Haltya

Permanent exposure symbolizes the change of the seasons – the visitor as it should be a month after a month, observing changes in nature. Various installations, diorams, videos complement the overall impression. In one of the halls installed a large duck egg, which demonstrates the video stators of the artist Osmo Rauhala.

Building of the Center for Finnish Nature.
Picturesque surroundings near the center of Haltya

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