Landmark Abkhazia: Yupshard Canyon

The most famous in the vicinity of Rica is, of course, the Yupsharsky Canyon, or Yupsharskaya Tesundina. This eight-liter segment of the valley literally clamped between vertical rock walls up to 500 meters high – the road is barely felt between them and the river bed.

Yupschara has underground watercourses, so in the summer months on the surface it sometimes dries up to the state of the barely visible stream, breaking through the stony lodge, but in rainy weather the river is quite capable of showing its cool temper. Overgrown with century-old samsheats, moss and ivy rock walls and eaves stretch along both sides of the gorge, sometimes overlapping sunlight almost completely. And before the very shift in Gang, the grand walls of the Yupshard gate rose, between the two rocks whom the distance barely exceeds 20 meters.

Yupshshar Gorge "Stone bag"

At 13 km of Yupshara, he takes his largest right influx – the Gag River, and already under this name 5 km south, it merges with Bzybew. It is on this short segment that several natural attractions are located at once, the most famous of which is definitely, Gegian waterfall.

Sightstant of Abkhazia Yupshshar Canyon

Moving on the road through the Yupshar Canyon, you can also see the so-called "Stone kisses" – The guarantor of eternal love lying just below the flow of legends waterfall "Men’s tears near the Yupshard gate", Inaccessible Grotto Solovyov (Azhygra-AkhP) with a parking person of the middle paleolithic era, tiny Blue Lake (Tskhena, or Adzyasitz) Surprisingly bright color – in fact, it is a carst well in a depth of about 80 meters, fed by the water of the underground river Arabica Array, as well as stretched for several tens of meters waterfall "Girls tears" (Apcyzra). Interestingly, the last waterfall as such is not, and represents essentially just karst crevice high above the road, from where the water with small jets and streams just runs down on the rock down. To the twigs of trees and special ropes along the rocks here, the time of the century bind a lot of bright ribbons – it is believed that they are helping in the performance of desires. There are such "Sanctuary" And near both "tear" Waterfalls.

The Valley of the Bzibe River is located on the border of the Gudautsky and Gagr administrative districts, so a visit to this beautiful place is equally convenient from both cities.

Sightstant of Abkhazia Yupshshar Canyon

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