sightseeings of USA

New England (New England) – North-Eastern Adctic Region of the United States, including Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

The states of New England are usually proud that this is small, in general, territory (area of ​​about 172.6 thousand. kv. KM) focused most of the historical objects associated with the country’s population by Europeans, and also collected cultural objects for the American lifestyle. Narrow and intricate streets of Old Boston, the seaside cities of Rhode Island, Farm Connecticut and the Green Village Vermont are considered the cradle of the nation, the place of the first European settlements in the territory of the future USA (however, many researchers believe that they landed here in the distant XI century and Vikings Leif Erixon ).

It was here for the first time for the first time for the first time for the formation of huge megalopolises in the neighborhood with an endless village stretching along the highway, it was in New England that the pillars of the American educational system – Harvard, Yale University, Brown, Dartmouth and Other Colleges, which began to be innovations in the public life of the country who changed her face. Nowadays, this region serves as a fashionable (and expensive!) District of villas and seaside mansions, and a favorite place of resting in nature for residents of nearby Connecticut megacities, and tiny villages and serene forests are a favorite nature for artists and filmmakers.

Centraliatical States

South Atlantic States


The territory of the states of the Midwest (Midwest) lies in the zone of the famous great American plains, stretching from the forest areas of Canada and the Great American lakes in the north to the coast of the Gulf of Mexican in the south. In itself, the concept "Great plains" It does not quite accurately displays the real geography of these places and refers, rather, to poetic definitions – there are large mountainous areas with many canyons and rock arrays, and extensive forests, dry deserts and "Lunar landscapes" Badlands, and many full-breed rivers, including the two largest in the country – Missouri and Mississippi.

The climatic conditions of the district are as diverse – in the north, a typical moderate continental climate with cold winters and warm summer, in the south of dry subtropics with palm forests of coastal areas and hot deserts. There are no time inhabited by countless herds of bison and numerous Indian tribes, these days these extensive areas provide the needs of the country in food products and produce two thirds of wheat exported to international markets, with pastoral towns and villages of the Midwest are often called "The provincial capital of America", Since it is here that the most authentic traditions of this country are concentrated.

Sightseeings of USA

Western states


Hawaii (Hawaii, Mokuaina O Hawaii, Area – 16.8 thousand. kv. km) is located on the islands of the same name in the central part of the Pacific. This archipelago consists of young volcanic islands, most of which are the vertices of those underwater volcanoes, and is considered one of the longest island chains on the planet (8 large, 12 small islands and about 120 atolls extended 2400 km from the North-West to Southeast ).


Alaska (Alaska, Area 1.7 million kV. km – the largest state of the country) is located in the extreme north-west of the continent, outside the main territory of the United States, and is separated from the Canadian provinces of Yukon and British Columbia.

Sightseeings of USA

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