Sightseeing Warsaw: Old Town (Star Malo)

Old Town (Old Place, Old Malo) – Warsaw Historic District, one of the attractions of the city. Market area on which stores, restaurants and cafes are located, is the center of the district. Old city is rich in monuments of medieval architecture: defensive fortifications Warsaw Barbakan, city walls, Cathedral of John the Baptist.

Based Old Town in the XIII century. Initially, he was surrounded by an earthen shaft, and in 1339 he was taken by brick urban walls. The market square was laid at the end of the XIII century near the road connecting the Royal Castle and the new city, which grew up in the north. The main attraction of the old city until 1817 was the building of the Town Hall. In 1701, the market square was rebuilt, and in 1817 the Town Hall was demolished. In the XIX century, four sides of the square were named after the four most famous Poles: North – Yana Deck, South – Zakyshevsky, Western – Gogo Collapse, East – Francishek Barssa.

In the 1930s, the municipal authorities of Warsaw decided to conduct a serious reconstruction of the old city, but it could not be completed because of the start of World War II. During the war several attempts were made to restore the Old Town, but in 1944 the Germans subjected it to systematic destruction.

After the end of World War II, a thorough restoration of the historic center of Warsaw began. Crushed stone was repeatedly sifted in an attempt to find decorative elements or their fragments, when recovered, surviving bricks of old buildings were used. To date, the old city is fully restored.

Sightseeing Warsaw Old Town (Stare Malo)

In addition to the market square, the ensemble of the Old Town includes a castle area with the Royal Castle and the King Sigismund’s column in Warsaw; Triangular Canonia Square, located behind the Cathedral of John the Baptist, with Warsaw "Thin house", Bronze Bell and Baroque’s Baroque figure. Also tourists can visit the Church of the Fathers of Jesuit, Warsaw Historical Museum, Museum of Literature. Mitskevich, admire the facades of old houses, city walls, stroll through the old streets of Warsaw.

Old Town in Warsaw is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

View of the Castle Square Warsaw
Market Square Warsaw
Mermaid – Warsaw Symbol
Narrow streets of old Warsaw

Sightseeing Warsaw Old Town (Stare Malo)

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