Sightseeing Verona: Piazza del Erbe

Piazza del Erbe (Piazza Delle Erbe) – the most ancient area of ​​Verona. From the Italian name translates as "Grace herbs". In antiquity there was an antique Roman Forum.

The area is surrounded by historical buildings of the XIII-XIV centuries, and the highest value represents the Fountain of Verona Madonna, located in the center. It was built in 1368, but the magnificent statue of the Virgin Mary was made much earlier, in the 4th century of our era.

Another significant monument in the architectural ensemble of Piazza del Erbe is the Muffa Palace. The facade of a baroque palace built on the site of the medieval building decorate the statues of ancient gods – Jupiter, Apollo, Venus, Mercury, Hercules. Before the building has a marble column topped with a winged lion. The lion has long been a symbol of the Venice Republic: nearly four centuries stayed under her power of Verona. Palace is connected to Del Gardello tower, which was built in 1370.

Of great interest are the frescoes of the XVI century, which are decorated with the facade of the house of Mazzanti. The author is Alberto Cavali. In the medieval veron, there was a tradition to paint the facades, but it came to this day a little.

Sightseeing Verona Piazza del Erbe

House of merchants (he is a house of mercateurum) – another historical building, worthy of attention. The house is made in the Gothic style, the Verona Guilds were housed here in the Middle Ages. In its current form, the building has existed since the XIX century: at this time, the deaths of deaths, who call, were coming to his roof "swallow tails". Currently, the building is the People’s Bank of Verona.

In addition, the interest from the historical and architectural point of view represents such facilities such as Lamberti Tower, Del Comuno Palace and Dzhudich House.

Famous fountain with an antique statue of the Virgin Mary
Panorama Erbe Square in Verona
Frescoes on the house of Mazzanti

Sightseeing Verona Piazza del Erbe

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