Sightseeing Verona: Piazza-de-Signori

Medieval Signoria Square, or Piazza Dei Signori, also known as Dante Square, is located in the historic center of Verona and adjoins Piazza-del Erbe. In the Middle Ages, the square was an administrative and political center of the city, official institutions were located here.

The basis of the architectural ensemble of Piazza-Da-Signori is building such buildings as Kansigno Palace, Palace of Justice, Palace of Palace and Church of Santa Maria-Antika. In the middle of the square there is a monument to the famous Italian poet Dante Aligiery, who sheltered in Verona after he was expelled from Florence. Sculpture made from Carrara Marble, was installed in the middle of the XIX century.

One of the main attractions of Signoria Square in Verona – Arches of Scaligerians, located at the entrance to the Church of Santa Maria Antique, built in the XII century. Arches are made in the Gothic style, beautifully decorated tomb of representatives of the scaliger dynasty, rules of Verona in the XIII-XIV century.

Cansigno Palace was built in 1363. In times, when Verona died under the rule of Venice, the palace served as a residence of Venetian captains. As a result, the second name of the building appeared – the Palace of captains (Palazzo del Captainio). Another name – the Palace of the Tribunal – appeared due to the fact that in the building during the rule of the Austrian Empire, a court was located. In the XIX century, a part of the palace held a prison.

Palace of Palace (Palazzo del Substation) was built in the XIII century as the residence of scaliger. In the design of the palace, the famous Italian artist Jotto Di Bondone took part, but his frescoes were lost. Here, at the invitation of Kangrande I for more than 10 years I lived Dante.

Sightseeing Verona Piazza-dei-Signori

Board’s loggia was built in 1493 by order of the city council. The building decorate the sculptures of famous Verona residents, internally decoration of the building also strikes the magnificence: for centuries, the best Italian masters were decorated with paintings and frescoes. Since 1947, the province of Verona is placed in the building.

Date of construction of the Palace of Justice (Palazzo del Coming) is exactly unknown. According to the same data, it is 1138, on others – 1193. The building is built in the style characteristic of Verona, in its architecture alternate red brick and tuffed blocks. In times, when Verona was under the rule of Venice, the court housed the court, the notary board and prison premises.

In the center of Signoria Square installed a monument to the Great Italian Poet Dante.
Palace of Justice (he same community palace) from Lamberty Tower
Arches of ScaliGer – Ornate Gothic Sarcophages of the Rules of Verona, located near the Church of Santa Maria Antique

Sightseeing Verona Piazza-dei-Signori

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