Sightseeing Verona: House Juliet

According to the legend, the young heroine of the famous Shakespearean tragedy lived in this five-story brick house. The house was built in the XIII century and belonged to the Capello family, which is the prototype of the cabling family. The family coat of arms of the famous family served a hat that decorates the arch at home.

Capello family lived in this mansion until 1668, when he was sold to the Rizzardi family. Starting from this time the house began to serve as a preamant yard. In 1907, the building was put up for auction. His bought the city authorities who decided to organize a museum. However, the work on the transformation of the house in the museum was moving very slowly, while in the mid-1930s, the film was not released on the screens "Romeo and Juliet", Having generated a new wave of interest in Verona love and their tragic fate.

The most interesting part of the house Juliet is the famous courtyard with a balcony, in which Romeo confessed in love Juliet. Here in 1972, the bronze statue of Juliet was installed. It is believed that touching the cheek of Shakespeare’s heroine brings happiness. However, in reality, this scene could not happen: although the balcony is skillfully stylized under the old days, in fact it was built at the same time when the museum was created.

According to the existing tradition, long time leaving love notes and recognition in the walls of the house. In 2012, the city council was banned. In return, postal boxes and computers were delivered, where those who wish can leave their messages. Every year on the day of all lovers in the house, Juliet is awarded those who wrote the best and touching messages. September 16 in the house celebrate the birthday of Shakespearean heroine.

Sightseeing Verona House Juliet

Before the romantic house of Verona, a monument to his fictional inhabitant

Address: Casa di Giulietta, Via Cappello, 23, 37121 Verona. Opening hours: Monday from 13:30 to 19:30, Tuesday-Sunday from 8:30 to 19:30 (45 minutes before closing, visitors are not accepted). Ticket price: Children – 4.5 euros, adult – 6 euros (the fee is charged only for the entrance to the house, the entrance to the courtyard is free).

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