Sightseeing Verona: Basilica San Zeno-Madzhiore

Built in the Romanesque style Basilica San Zeno-Madzhiore – one of the oldest in Italy. She was built on the site of the burial of Zenon Veronsky, the first bishop of Verona and her holy patron. After his death at the end of the IV century, a small church was erected at the order of the Emperor theodorich of the Great Over his grave. Subsequently she was repeatedly rebuilt, as a result of which turned into a majestic basilic. In its modern form, the Church of San Zeno-Madzhiode has existed since the beginning of the XI century, when it was restored after the invasion of the Hungarians on the orders of the emperor of Ottone of the Great.

The facades of the Basilica are made of light tuff and pinkish brick. Above the church rises a bell tower 72 meters high. Basilica’s portico, decorated with the figures of the Baptist and John the Cologovo, hold two columns, which are based on the sculptures of Lviv. Inside the church consists of three tiers: presbyteria, central part and crypt. Temple decorated with antique frescoes.

Sightseeing Verona Basilica San Zeno-Madzhiore

Of particular value is the altar of basilica. Its top decorates triptych "Madonna on the throne with angels and concerts" Andrea Mantenia. Saint Zenon’s relics are open in Basilica.

Sightseeing Verona Basilica San Zeno-Madzhiore

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