Sightseeing Verona: Arena di Verona

Arena di Verona – one of the most famous archaeological monuments of Europe. This antique Roman amphitheater is the third in size after the Roman Colosseum and the Kapuan Amphitheater. Arena is located in the center of Verona, in Piazza-Bra.

The history of the amphitheater began in the first century of our era. He was built when the emperor is August. Arena is built in the form of oval and consists of 45 steps. The length of the amphitheater is almost 140 meters, and the width is about 100 meters. He is able to accommodate about 15 thousand people. In its original form, the facade of the amphitheater was made of the White and Rose Limestone produced in the vicinity of Verona. The current facade is made of cement, brick, stone and river pebbles.

First, the amphitheater served as a place of holding gladiator fights, various tournaments, entertainment events, later began to fight for bulls. Currently, Arena di Verona due to its magnificent acoustics is used as a place of various concerts and opera performances.

Sightseeing Verona Arena di Verona

Every summer in the walls of the amphitheater passes the famous opera festival. Also in the summer from June to August in the amphitheater, presentations are held almost daily.

View of Veronian amphitheater with Piazza-Bra
Arena di Verona preparations for the next concert

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