Sightseeing of the United States: Museum and Hall of Fame of American Police

Police Museum (American Police Hall Of Fame & Museum) was founded in 1960, becoming the first in the country. In addition to exposure halls indoors and exhibition complexes in the open air, the Museum will enter the center of shooting, where the police will improve their skills. On the marble wall of the memorial, the names of the killed in the execution of the official debt of the Americans. Every year, their dear police officers, friends and colleagues gather here, to honor the minute of silence, their memory in the chapel of St. Mikhaila.

In the Miami Museum of Miami, visitors can familiarize themselves with the history of the law enforcement system, starting from the second half of the XI century. AUTO Alley presents samples of auto and motorcycles of various periods, including a car that was used when shooting the film "Razor blade" With Harrison Ford in the lead role (1982). There is a hall dedicated to the fight against terrorism, as well as weapons, night vision devices and protective clothing. At the exhibition K9, you can learn about the interaction of people in the form and their official four-legged friends, and in the research laboratory, learn how the DNA examination and the removal of fingerprints. In the interactive hall, you can try your strength as a detective or a criminal, and wishes will be able to take pictures on an electric chair or next to the guillotine.

Sightseeing US Museum and Hall of Fame of American Police

Hall of Fame and Museum of the American Police
Museum many exhibits related to police films

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