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Sightseeing tour for experts "Palermo Arabo-Normanna". This excursion will complement and expand your impressions of Palermo. Let’s start her from very early morning. Yes Yes! T. To. Let’s go to the market Palermo to breathe his fragrance and charge for a whole day Zador called. Arabic market for more than 1000 years! And which to this day works on the traditions and laws of that beautiful Muslim period of Sicily.

We will pass with you on his streets with a breathtaking flavor, exotic and with the stunning self-expiration of the traditional character of Sicilians. The open-air market stretches for hundreds of meters looting on the destroyed and not restored after the bombardment quarter Palermo. The game of smells of fresh fruits, fish, cheeses, seasonings, as well as the game of the bright color of these products and the feature of the Arab manner of sellers-called in the offer of their best products this is the exotic. In the course of the excursion I will warm up to warm up your appetite by my stories about the Sicilian cuisine, about the history. Origin of dishes. Free ladies tips and recipes and even a few manner for etiquette italian cuisine.

Shocking circumstances-of destruction, noise, gama, not at all aristocratic manners will go to the Spanish quarter with its elegance and the unprecedented beauty of the churches of the Sicilian Baroque.

We will continue our journey on my car to a suburb of Palermo. And we are waiting for a church complex led by the Cathedral, a masterpiece of architecture of the 12th century. And here is the Paradox of the Middle Ages – Orthodox Byzantines (the best schools of mosaists) and architects and masters of carvers for the Muslim Faith, took part in the construction of the Catholic Catholic Cathedral. I will tell you briefly old calls, he is quite entertaining and a very familiar to us from the ordinary of our life and, moreover, it is presented in the huge mosaic paintings on the central mills of the Cathedral. We take a walk in the park of the complex, pass on the roof of the cathedral (the spectacle of the breathtaking spirit-view of all Palermo Conca d’Oro), let’s go to the monastic courtyard and of course compete in the local cafe.

I will advise you the famous Cremino Di Cafe – invigorating and refreshing delicacy. Like all both children and adults! For those who wish to purchase souvenirs from Sicily – MONREALE is exactly the place! Ceramicamyolics made in manual and painted by local motifs, as well as microwave pictures Displays style and history of Sicily.

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At the end of the excursion lunch / dinner in Tipiko Schiliano Restaurant. I also offer an alternative to this option.

The zone of the royal palace with its largest palm park in Europe and there is an excavation of the Roman market for the flea market (many anti-k. Lavok) Inspection of the Royal Norman Palace with his famous masterpiece Golden Byzantine Mosaic and Ceiling in Arabic style Muqarnas 12th century. We will tell you the history of the city of Palermo and also the history of the kingdom of two Sicily. I will start with the Phoenicians and ending with the Parliament of Sicily, who is now sitting in the palace walls. I’ll tell you about the needlewoman-embroiderers with gold, silver, precious stones, famous for the whole world, who began their origin in the walls of the Palace. And where to take his beginning Italian language and there are still a lot of surprises.

The foot of the Palace is the Popolare zone, with a famous flea market for his world. Without a supporter who owns the language and knowledgeable "etiquette" of this zone, I would not advise you to make shopping there. Be calm with us! Teach to bargain and tell how to distinguish the fake of some antiques from the original. Want to bring a gift to the house from Palermo – we recommend purchasing busy things in this market. Prices will pleasantly surprise. At the end of the excursion lunch / dinner in Tipiko Schiliano Restaurant

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