Sightseeing Slovakia

Slovakia, despite its modest sizes, can boast abundance of nature of nature and wonderful opportunities for outdoor activities. Mountain Systems of Small and White Carpathians, Tatras, Low Fatra, Rud Mountains, Tatras, Maja Fath, Rud Mountains, Caves, Hot Sources and Extensive Forest Areas, and the ancient cities of the country are of undoubted interest for history lovers. The country’s tourist capabilities are very high and are not yet sufficiently estimated – in winter it is one of the best ski resorts in Eastern Europe, in the summer – an excellent historical area, moreover, possessing all the opportunities for outdoor activities, and more than 1,400 mineral sources of the country allow therapeutic procedures in Any time of the year.

Bratislava is one of the most interesting cities in Eastern Europe in the historical terms. In the vicinity of the capital attractive an extensive castle complex Devin (10 km west of the capital), which is a national monument of nature and culture, as well as antique Gerulata in Rusovtsy, Lake Resort Chisty Piece (7 km north-east of Bratislava), famous winemaking Malokarpat region east of the capital – Weinora, Rachi (included in the capital), Franchis, Saint Jura, Slovenian coffin, Pesinkes, Modra and others forming the famous "Wine road". 50 km east of the capital lies the old Slavic fortified settlement Nitra, famous for their castle, Franciscan Church and Monastery, as well as the Palace (XVIII in.), Colonnade (XVIII in.) and the extensive abbey library in "Old seminary" (XVIII B.).

Southeast of the capital, in the very south of Slovakia, lies the city of Komarno – the center of the Hungarian community of the country.

50 km north-east of Bratislava lies the famous Trnava, "Slovak Rome" As they are often called because of the Truck Archbishopian, university buildings located here (XVII-XVIII centuries.) and picturesque "Old Town".

Western Slovakia – Edge of Mountains and Forests, Fast Rivers and Narrow River Valleys. One of the most attractive cities in the region – Trencin, located on the site of the Roman Camp Laugarizio. 14 km north-east of Trenchina there is a resort Trenchansk-Teplice, Famous his bants "Hammam" in Neomavritish style (1888 g.) and hot healing sulfur sources.

Malaya Malaya Fatra extended hundreds of kilometers through all northwestern Slovakia, forming an extensive view of the National Park. home "Raisinka" Here – a beautiful valley of the romance, famous for its rocky cliffs, wooded slopes, numerous ski resorts and hundreds of pedestrian trails in the most picturesque places. To the west of the chalks of a small face, 80 km from Trenchina, lies the third largest city in Slovakia – Zilina, The base of which dates the XIII century. City, called often "Gate Fatry", Attracts with its provincial appearance, striking rest (but this is a major transport node!), as well as with its colorful main square of Marianske-Nins, with the picturesque church and the envelope of her covered gallery, the Museum of Zhilins in the castle of the XVI century and numerous original restaurants and shops.

The central and eastern parts of the country are an intersection of ancient trade routes and an excellent place to outdoor. The capital of Eastern Slovakia is the city of Kosice – the second largest city in Slovakia.

36 km north of Kosice is located Presov, known to his gothic church. Nikolai (XIV in.), Evangelical Church (1642 g.), Wine Museum and Prelov Museum with good collections on archeology and natural history.

Another medieval city "Eastern Row" – Bardoev, Lies to the north of Prelov. It is worth viewing the parish church of St. Egidius (XIV-XV BB.), old urban town hall (1509 g., Now there is a museum), as well as a historical museum and museum icons. 6 km north of Bardeeva lies Bardeeevsk-Fan, One of the most beautiful water resorts of Slovakia, where from the end of XVIII in. Local mineral waters from 8 different sources are treated with digestive tract and lungs. Also here is the best Slovak Ethnographic Open Sky Museum – Sharishk.

Poprad – Modern industrial center, not very interesting from a tourist point of view, but visited by many, as the International Airport Poprad-Tatra is located here. But around the city there is a great many resorts and sports centers, and located nearby arrays of the high Tatras and Slovenian paradise literally replete with beauty of nature.

Sightseeing Slovakia

National Park Slovenian Paradise, lying southeast of the city of Spisska Nova-Weight, created in 1988 and allows you to get acquainted with the beauties of the Gorne River Gorge. Tatra National Park (Tanap, First National Park, which was created in the former Czechoslovakia, 888 kV. KM.), constituting a single integer with a similar park in Poland, is considered one of the best centers of active recreation in Europe. The 600-kilometer network of perfectly labeled pedestrian routes, connecting all the alpine valleys and many peaks, is laid here. Here, in the vicinity of the park, there are such well-known resorts as Stari-Smokovets, Pleshrek-Pleso, Tatranska-Lomnica, a famous center of water tourism – the Gorge of the Duner River, Cartesian Monastery of the XIV century, and others.

Wonderful medieval attractions are famous for Levocy, located 20 km from Poprad.

Between poprady and prestings there is a complex of fortified abbey in Spisska-Kapitu (XIII B.), attracting its medieval fortress gate, picturesque houses along the only street and the magnificent cathedral. Martin (1273 g.).

Located in Central Slovakia, in the Southern Springs of the Low Tatras, Banska Bistrita Included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. This old mining city (first mentioned in 1255.) Interested in with its medieval structures, such as a fortress church (XIII-XIV centuries.), Church of St. Cross (XV in.), Old castle (1548 g.), buildings of mountain and forest academies, as well as many medieval houses in German style. Not far from Banska-Bistritz is one of the largest centers of the country of the country – Donovaly.

No less color and lying significantly south city Banska-sweating, famous for its luxury geological museum, old houses and monuments of the mining industry. And in the lying between these two cities Zvolene Be sure to pay attention to the castle of Louis Great (1370-1382.).

One of the main attractions of Slovakia – Numerous Mineral Sources and Caves. Only in Bratislava there are more than a dozen caves, and about 4 thousand are scattered throughout the country, and less than a quarter of them were investigated. Most interesting Demenovskaya cave system (Freedom Cave, Ice Cave and DR.) in the same valley on the northern side of the low tatra, Belyansky caves Not far from Tatrans-Lomnitsa, Bistry and Harmanch caves Not far from Banska Bistric, Cave Vazhechka In Liptovsky-Mikulas, Dobshinskaya Ice Cave In the National Reserve, Standan, which are members of the UNESCO World Heritage List Caves Gombashechsk, Yasovsk, Domitsa and unique aragonyte Polyskaya cave Not far from Kosice, Drine Cave Not far from Smolenitsa and others.

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