Paris’s landmark: Opera Garnier

Opera Garnier, she is the Paris Opera or Grand Opera, is the main theater platform of France. The theater was named after the architect Charles Garnier, who built this majestic building, conceived as a real palace of art.

Paris opera opened in January 1875 after 15 years of construction, which was interrupted due to wars. For finishing the facade and decoration of the Grand-Opera’s halls, Charles Garnier chose 14 artists and 73 sculptors, including the famous Jean-Bathist Carpo, Paul Bodria, Mark Chagall, Amy Mill and others.

The building of the Paris Opera strikes with its impressive sizes and beauty: his facade is richly decorated with gilding, columns, sculptural compositions, and the interiors – marble, purple velvet, the frescoes of Isidore Pilza. At all ends of the roof at one level with the tower of Notre Dame de Paris towers Pegasy. Walled Dome Opera Sculpture of the work of Amy Mill – Bronze Figure Apollo, which raises up the gold line.

The famous place of Opera Garnier is the lobby of the main staircase, which is laid out marble several shades. A red-gold visual hall in the form of a horseshoe is illuminated by a huge crystal chandelier weighing 8 tons. In the Western Pavilion there is a library-museum in which a collection is stored associated with the production of the past. Survived statement "Ghost Operas" on the novel of Gaston Lero still causes the interest of the public. The novel himself was conceived after the construction of the Grand-Opera building, still in the hall in the first tier, the bed number 5 is empty, intended for the ghost.

Sightseeing Paris Opera Garnier

Book tickets for views can be on the official website. The opera building can also be visited outside the performances on a separate ticket that is available on the website. For tourist visits, the Opera is closed in days of representations and general rehearsals.

Parisian Opera building
Luxury interiors Grand Opera
Summary in the shape of a horseshoe

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