Paris’s landmark: Basilica Sacre Cor

Basilica Sacre-Kor is located on the top of the Bohemian Hill Montmartre, from which a delightful view of Paris. To the entrance to the temple can be reached by a large multi-tiered staircase or on the funicular.

The cathedral was built in the Roman-Byzantine style on the architect of the Abadi field in 1875-1914. So long, construction continued because when the church is applied, the Montmartre hill. The Basilica of the Heart of Christ is built from a special mineral travertine, which is mined in the suburb of Paris, in the town of Chateau Landon. This mineral has an interesting ability to feel under water. Therefore, Basilica Sacre-Kor has already covered the city of its whiteness for over a hundred years.

On both sides of the facade of the building with triple vaulted galleries there are bronze equestrian statues of the King of Louis of St. IX and Jeanne d’Ark, made by the sculptor Ippolite Lefevrom. The form of domes from Basilica repeats the silhouette of the church of the Saint-Fron XII century, which is located in the south of France, in Perigue. 19-ton Temple Bell Savoyar is the biggest in Paris.

Sightseeing Paris Basilica Sacre Cor

The inner decoration of the basilica is no less beautiful: here you can admire stained glass windows, as well as an excellent mosaic made by the artist Luc Olivier Mersser in 1912-1922.

A long staircase leads to the temple
Basilica at sunset
View from the dome of the cathedral
Located on the Montmartre Basilica hill towers over the city

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