Sightseeing Warsaw: Vilantavsky Palace of Yana III Sobykoye

Baroque palace-park ensemble Vilyanow is located on the south-eastern outskirts of Warsaw, 10 kilometers from the city center. Due to its location, this is one of the few monuments that survived the war. The palace is a member of the Association of European Royal Residences on a par with the French Versaille.

The ensemble wangling was built in 1677 by order of Yana III Sobil: the king, one of the most beloved and unusual rulers of Poland, he himself took part in the design. The Vilantavsky Palace remains almost unchanged, here everything speaks about tastes and the preferences of its owner.

Tourists can admire the majestic equestrian statue of the King: before she met guests at the main entrance, and now moved to one of the halls. Allegoric paintings that decorate the ceiling of one of the galleries tell about the history of the love of Yana III sobular and his wife Marysenka, who played a significant role in the elevation of her husband, and did not think of becoming the king. For the first time, the future king and French Freulin met on the ball, but after two months Marysenka had to get married: the husband turned out to be a walk and drunkard and soon died of syphilis. After his death, lovers were able to marry and lived together for almost 30 years.

Sightseeing of Warsaw Vilyanav Palace Jan III Sobykoye

The interiors of the palace have survived almost unchanged: here you can see original furniture, frescoes, portraits and sculptures that appeared here at Yana III sore.

Palace and park are incredibly beautiful: this place is worth a visit
Gardens Palace Vilyanow
The Visant Palace during the war was practically not affected
Entrance to the royal residence

Sightseeing of Warsaw Vilyanav Palace Jan III Sobykoye

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