Landmark of Venice: Grand Canal (Big Channel)

Big Canal (Grand Canal) – the largest and most popular channel of Venice. In the past, it was a small duct, running between the lagoons between the islands, among which the picturesque Rialto. Now the size of the channel is impressive. Its length is almost four kilometers, the width varies from thirty to seventy meters, the depth comes to five meters.

The main waterwayway of Venice begins from the station, then makes two loops through Venice and merges near the customs building with La Judecca and San Marco. Channel almost no embankments. Their role is performed by the facades of buildings. At home hold on the piles and usually have a second door leading to land. Multiple bridges are swapped through the channel, the most famous of which are Rialto Bridge and the Academy Bridge. You can also cross on the opposite shore using trageda – ferry.

Along the transport route built beautiful structures. Walking on the duct, tourists will be able to see more than a hundred palace and old mansions made in different architectural styles – from Venetian Gothika to Baroque.

Sightseeing of Venice Grand Canal (Big Channel)

The most convenient way to get acquainted with a large canal and his surroundings is a trip to the water tram (Vaporetto) No. 1, which begins following Santa Lucia station. End of his stop – San Marco Square. This is the longest route (about an hour). Schedule can be found on the website www.ACTV.IT.

View of Rialto Bridge
The Grand Channel walk is included in the mandatory tourist program
It looks like Venetian "Parkovka"

Sightseeing of Venice Grand Canal (Big Channel)

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