Sightseeing of South Africa: Personal Experience

Pilanesberg National Park is approximately three hours from Johannesburg. This is not the biggest and not the best park in South Africa, but the most affordable and compact. And they live representatives of the total so-called "African big five" (The Big Five): so on the tourist language are the elephants, rhinos, lions, buffaloes and leopards.

In South Africa, left-sided movement and excellent roads. I think that traveling on it by car is just fine.

Mini Durban Park in South Africa: I do not recommend

Rent me that the creators of the park "Mini Durban" were more concerned about the extraction of profits from their brainchild, rather than wanted to present their city well. I saw not alone, and not two similar attractions, so I can boldly name the Durban analogue with a hartyard and profanation. Subject to the cost of the entrance to the fiftests of the sheepnica, it is definitely not worth the release. The park is already thirty years old, and the exposition, I suppose since then has not been updated. For those times, it is not excluded, it was a novelty, and now it looks like an ax and slaughter, besides the territory is very small. Personally, I would not recommend a visit to this park.

Sightseeing of the South African Republic Personal Experience

Similarly, by the way, the situation is also with the mini-park of attractions: the promising child to take it there should be a report that it is not "Moon Park", And even more so he does not go to any comparison with "Disneyland" – guide, I suppose, mentions about the case only because of the lack of other significant opportunities for entertainment. The park as a whole is a relatively small space hundred meters fifty, which established some attractions for children, and over stretched on several masts cableway.

Access to the rides costs 12 rand for children ticket costs 10 rand. Riding on the cable car is paid for separately, at 15 rand per person, regardless of age.

Sightseeing of the South African Republic Personal Experience

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