Day 16: A little more Ephesus and "All Inclusive" in Kusadasakh

Behind a little more than two weeks of traveling in Turkey for cars, and two days later in Ephesus, we plan to go again. True, this time, our journey will be quite short: we will move from the villagers in Kusadasi, where we plan to hang out on the hotel all inclusive for a couple of days and finally swim in the sea. We have chosen hotel reviews on Buking, but before booking you decided to go to see and a hotel myself, and try to get the best price (after all, then the hotel will not need to pay the commission, and he can give a discount). We want to recall that book a hotel from Turkey Booking.Com problematic – you will simply see messages that restriction on booking in your stay. There are three solutions to the problem: 1) VPN 2) Other services 3) As in the good old days – go and find out. In case we will definitely write an article, how to book hotels in Turkey through Buking, and now we will return to the report on the sixteenth day of our trip.

Poznamka in Ephesus

In the morning we had breakfast in the hotel, collected things and left. But before three days to go to rest we decided to watch the sights of the villagers. In the city, two museums that are worth visiting. Get into both we do not have time, so you have to get out something one. We chose the Museum of Railway Transport, and in the Archaeological Museum of Ephesus, we will go.

Museum of steam locomotives in the villagers

It must be said that in our life of railway museums there were already about a dozen, so we did not hoped that Turkish could somehow surprise us. But the museum was excellent – a huge number of exhibits, almost all trains can be climbed and inspecting them not only with the outside, but also from the inside. Add to this complete absence of other tourists – and this is the perfect place to relax with children, especially if you have boys.

In one of the trains of the museum

After the Museum of Trains, we went to watch the Byzantine Fortress Selchuk, built in the VI century and the Basilica of St. John the Theologian, erected on the spot of His burial. Both attractions include the list of Must See, but we decided to watch them this time this time outside, and the internal study is left the next time. The reason is pretty banal – very strong heat, which is not what does not have a thoughtful inspection of some places, but makes your stay on the street unbearable.

We decide that we have been tasty by lunch in your favorite restaurant and go to Kusadasi in search of the hotel, but on the way to look into the mosque of Isa-Bay and the temple of Artemis Ephesus. Very hot, but spend the day for aimless riding and lying by the pool in the hotel also did not want at all. If we just rest and do not use anything useful, then in a couple of hours it comes a strange sense of dissatisfaction, you need to somehow fight, but not very much.

Favorite cafe Mehmet and Ali in Solkuchka

Our typical lunch in Turkey

After lunch, go to the Mosque of Isa Bay. This mosque is included in the list of unique architectural monuments, which have been preserved in an almost unchanged form from Anatolian Beilikov (small feudal possessions running bey, actually small states that were in the territory of modern Turkey). The mosque was built in the second half of the XIV century on the project of the Syrian architect Ali Ibn Mischika by order Aydynoglu Isa-Bay. Actually, in honor of him, she got its name.

Isa Bay Mosque in Solk

The courtyard of the mosques

The next mandatory item of the program is the temple of Artemis Efesse. This temple was included in the list of seven wonders of the ancient world. Only the pyramid of Heops and the ruins of the temple of Artemis have survived to this day. True, it is possible to talk about the safety of the temple only with a large stretch. The temple was built in honor of the sister of Apollo Artemis residents of Ephesus at the site of the sanctuary of the Kariy Goddess fertility. The author of the project and the architect it is customary to consider the Knos architecture Hersiphon. During the lifetime of the architect, columns and walls were partially established, after his death, his son Metagen continued, ended the construction of already Peonia and Demetri.

In total, construction lasted almost a hundred years. When a huge temple from white marble was finished – he was surprising and admiration for anyone who saw him. Inside the statue of Artemis, made of ivory and gold. In the 4th century BC, one crazy resident of Ephesus, wanting to glorify the temple burned, but by the beginning of the III century he was restored to the means of Alexander Macedon. In the third century, the temple was already plundered and partially destroyed by Goths, and then the Emperor Feodosius and forbade all the pagan cultures and the temple was closed. In his place, the church erected, which, too, pretty quickly turned into ruins. The marble quickly cleared the locals, all that preserved went to the bog of swamp clad and almost completely disappeared from the face of the earth.

Temple of Artemis at Ephesus

Only in 1869, English architect John Terratla Voodoo found traces of a unique miracle of the world and found everything that remains from the once majestic temple. To date, on the site of the temple of Artemis in Ephesus, you can see only one single column that was restored from the debris.

The cultural program today has been done, and we are heading to the resort Kusadasi city to hang out for a few days at the hotel and relax. But on the way, we need to solve the issue with paying roads – we drove from Pamukkale to Ephesus on a paid road. All locals and the Internet convince us that we need to score, because our numbers are not perceived by the system and no fines are threatened. But we believe that I will not become poorer if we pay passage, so we go to the post office to buy the necessary coupon and already calmly ride on paid Turkish roads. Unfortunately, the gigantic turn did not allow us to do this, we will try the second time in the Kusadasa, and if it does not come out, then with a clean conscience.

Post office in Turkey, where you can buy a sticker to pay the road

For the lunch, we have scheduled a number of five-star hotels on all inclusive in Kusadas. Our short sheet looked like this:

    – $ 165 per day for the number on three – $ 152 per day for apartments on three – $ 260 per day for Triple Room – $ 215 per day for Double Room + Dop Bed.
Sightseeing of the city of Selchuk and rest all included in Kusadas

The remaining frightened not high estimates (about 7.5 out of 10 on bucking), reviews and prices. By the ratio of price quality, decided to watch them in such a manner as they are listed on our list.

Hotel with huge slides next to Kusadasami

First in line was Ramada. The response it turned out that with direct booking the price is higher than $ 5 per day than on Bucking, but for these $ 5 we promised views of the sea and a quiet number. Decided not to spend time and agree to this option, paid 3 nights and happy went to settle. All hotel guests go with the bracelets of the same color, and we hung out the perfect other, as it turned out later, so they were distinguished from batch tourists. Not to say that the attitude is better or worse, but all the staff paid attention to. &# 128578;

Children’s pool at Ramada Kusadasi

Literally a couple of days before our arrival on the coast in these parts was a strong storm: wild waves, a lot of coastal cafes suffered, sun loungers and other furniture flew in hotels. Garbage caused so much that most hotels were forced to fill out pools with clean water, because it was difficult to clean the old garbage. As a result, it was pretty cool in October, the water did not harm, the exception is a children’s small swimming pool, in which all tourists stuck.

Happy Max goes swimming

We liked the hotel and its infrastructure and nutrition. The view from the window we got very good – on the one hand, a common pool (just the zone of a heated pool is visible, all people there, the rest is empty), on the other – the Lounge zone, where music and holidays with children are prohibited (there is a silence zone), well and excellent sea view.

Pool view

Zone lounge – we went to work there

One of the bars. In the evenings, it was here that the people rested, but excellent double-glazed windows were completely isolated noise

We are very pleased with the hotel, maybe because the last time rested on the system "all inclusive" in the distant 2010 and missed, and maybe, indeed, we got a very good hotel at a normal price. Looking ahead Let’s say that in Kemer / Antalya we could not find anything like that, hotels are much lower than the class of service cost $ 200-300 per day for three.

Sunset from our balcony

I must say that there are two Ramada in Kusadasa – one called Ramada Hotel & Suites Kusadasi, Second – Ramada Resort Kusadasi & Golf, what is their difference, except the price (first just more expensive) we did not understand. But usually there are no places in the second, and the first can boast a large number of free apartments. Ahead of us is waiting for three days of rest, and then go on. We want to correct our original route (cut the sightseeing part and increase holidays on the sea), but let’s see if we are tired of sealing. Do not switch!

Day 16: A little more Ephesus and "All Inclusive" in Kusadasa 2020-07-10T08: 08: 31 + 03: 00 2020-07-10T09: 00: 00 + 03: 00 Natalya ‘Poznamka’

Sightseeing of the city of Selchuk and rest all included in Kusadas

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