Sightseeing of Singapore: Personal Experience

You can start with the ferris wheel "Singapore Flyer", to get the first idea of ​​how the city looks from above. I already mentioned that "Flyer" very similar to your colleague "London Eye".

From the ferris wheel overlooking the racing route and skyscrapers. And if there is a telephoto lens, then you can see the embankment Clark Ki, described above, and colonial architecture, and Merlion.

It is from the wheels that it is customary to make color photos that differ from different users only by the presence or absence of clouds. View from the roof of the hotel Marina Bay Sands, is undoubtedly better, but the problem is that from there it does not overlook the marina Bay itself.

Singapore. Gardens by The Bay

On the area of ​​101 hectares, two greenhouses with 220 thousand plants are located almost from all continents, the park, as well as the forest from the tree-like structures height from 25 to 50 meters.

Unfortunately, visit the greenhouses did not succeed, about which now I regret. They actually cost this.

Well, okay, we will rise to the top of the highest tree. There is an observation deck and a bar, the rise is paid upward, the price includes juice or alcoholic beverage, depending on the type of ticket.

With 55 meter altitude, a wonderful view of the Singapore Flyer Ferris wheel and the Tribunes of Formula 1, on the magnificent Marina Bay Sands, on the majestic port and ships on the raid.

Evening, and we decided to climb the bridge, connecting trees, and enjoy the splendor of the park from the height. But, despite the fact that we bought a few earlier tickets, we were not allowed to bridge, saying that the thunderstorm and the bridge is closed.

Singapore zoo

Singapore zoo produces an indelible impression on each visitor. Even per person who is completely indifferent to zoos. There are no cells, a complete feeling of wildlife is created and because of this, some unreality of what is happening. In the first ten minutes, firstly, it’s hard to believe that tigers, lions and other predators are literally at the distance of an elongated hand, and secondly, it’s hard to stop wondering why they are not trying to jump over Rips surrounding cells to Immediately bite everyone.

Typical picture: The traveler is peacefully on the road, a little away, the zoo worker calmly sprinkles with something else, and quite near, with an equally imperturbable view, lead an active lifestyle of kangaroo. The mind accustomed to cells or at least to the fences that enlighten people from animals, a little not in their plate from the template break "Standard Zoo".

I will list the characters and phenomena that made the most impressed in the zoo. First, these are elephants that gave high-quality presentation, engaged in synchronous dances and periodically pouring viewers with water. Take care of the camera.

Secondly, there is excellent navigation. If I have at least a vague idea of ​​how white tiger or elephant should look like, and I can find them according to the signs, in order to recognize "Babirus" or "Otters", very help their images.

Navigation can be of this type – in the form of animal sculptures. It is immediately clear that in this sector of the zoo will certainly find monkeys, and in large numbers.

Thirdly, the seeming availability of predators (what I spoke about in the preface). Again, you go calmly on the road, and the lions rest on the right under the trees. Stunning sensations.

Fourth, miserable mole rats, serious applicants for leadership in ranking "Horror and admiration". The most amazing thing is that in the photo – not cubs, but quite adult individuals.

And finally, baboons. In my opinion, these are the most worthy of the inhabitants of the zoo. If all other animals life is quietly, chamber and slightly sluggish, then intrigues are constantly flying in a flock of baboons, there are stormy quarrels and fights with no less turbulent reconciliation, males are desperately taking care of females, female worn children on the backs, from where they are constantly trying to get away , and honorable elders watch all this with a tired view.

From baboons had to go after half an hour of observations only for one reason: half a day flew in the zoo, and there were other places with which it was necessary to familiarize themselves.

How to get to the island of Satoze

On the island you can get three ways: walking per 1 ss, monorail road 3.5 ss in both sides or cable car for 24 ss. We chose the second option. Drove on the metro station to the station "Harbor", which connected with the next shopping center "Viva City", On the third floor of which the monorail road station is organized to Senthosis. Drove literally 1.5 minutes. The island is located so closely that it is quite possible to walk on foot. Island himself – amusement park, where everything is aimed at removal of free cash in the population. Initially, we went to the end of the island (took 15 minutes). In this area there are small stacks with snow-white sand. The weather was overcast, periodically rained a rain, so you planned how we planned – it did not work. Go to the attraction "Rolling from a slide on a trough with wheels". On the asphalt track from the mountain, you can slip by inertia by two tracks. In stock Steering wheel and brake. Up the rise is carried out on the chair lift. Different prices depending on the number of descents. We drove 3 times in 20 ss. Still on stenosis there is an amusement park "Universal Studios". According to statistics at this time of the year the greatest number of visitors, and Sunday was attached, so there was no desire to stand in the queues, so we do not possess information about this park. There is also an oceanarium. But we went to casino, huge in our area, with a separate zone for Singaporetts, so that foreigners do not observe local residents, and they did not envy foreigners (probably).

Spent around one and a half hours and 19 o’clock went to watch a laser show "Songs of the sea" (SONGS OF THE SEA) for 12 ss. The event is carried out on the water surface of the sea, the audience is observed with wooden shops, fenced off by a wooden fence from lovers "haloy". The show itself did not really like it, more reminded "Show Fontanov", Although the laser moments were also present, but the expectations were not justified.

Night Zoo Singapore

Subscription for excursions in Singapore: Significant savings

Which certainly needs to be viewed in Singapore

Sentoza Island. This is one of the largest Singapore satellites. He is located behind an unbreakable strait and serves exclusively for recreation with the most various entertainment. You can get on the island in different ways: on the water, on the bridge and by air. We were attracted by the third way, and by reaching the taxi from the hotel to the top of Mount Faber, almost the highest point of the city, we climbed into a comfortable (and how else, in Singapore, and can not be in Singapore) Cable Cable (Cable -car) and after half an hour already looked from above on the wonders of the island of Satozez. One of the main attractions of the island is the largest oceanarium in Asia "Underwater world", in which more than six thousand marine animals live, including about three hundred and fifty species of marine fish.

Sightseeing of Singapore Personal Experience

Singapore Botanical Sad. We are generally not indifferent to beautiful plants, and here they are their diversity, which simply not express. The orchid collection here is the largest in the world, there are more than two thousand species.

Temple Sri Mariamman in Chinatown. The oldest Hindu (!), which, despite the small size, is striking with its magnificence. And to enter the Buddhist Temple of the Confucian-Buddhist temple, Tian Hok Keng ("Temple of heavenly bliss"), I’m on top of shorts (or "Shorts", I do not know how it is right) I had to wear something like skirt or sarong. Women, the main thing, with bare knees you can, but there are no men. The interiors of the temple are striking the abundance of red, gilding and stunning wallpapers with rocks embroidered with dragons silk.

Little India (Little India. The focus of the bright multi-fission of Indian culture in which numerous shops with Indian goods and several Hindu temples are located. In benches, like everywhere in such places, for sale a lot of different national junk, from the abundance of which is just in the eyes of Ryabit.

Marina Bay Sands Overview: Best City View

Practical info How to get: an underground transition to the other side of the road through the mall to the right, climb on the travelator and immediately left, towards the leftmost leg. It is necessary to go outside (where the people of taxi catches) and the left will be a separate entrance with a ticket office. A small queue, 20 SGD, instructing that to the pool neither (what there is there, and so all the doors were planted) and you are already overlooking the business center of Singapore for a nice tech house from the nearest bar.

So I have not seen the pool, I repent. There was an option to descend and try to climb through another elevator, as hotel guests, but the Swiss at the entrance to the elevator immediately identified.

The first impression – and in the roof then the fountainachge is provided!

Assessment of the sights of Singapore

Zoo – 4, Night Zoo – 2+, Park Birds – 5, Orchid Park – 3+, Park Butterflies – 3, Oceanarium – I rate on 3, spouse for 4+ (but in California "cooler"), sightseeing tour – 5 (because it was the first), Chinese quarter – 2+, Indian quarter – 2+, evening walk on the river – 2 (time loss), Factory of stones – 2+ (for general development), fountain Wealth – 4+, the funicular – 4+ (absolutely it is not necessary to take the glass cabin and overpay the extra money, go better in day if you need a photo, in the evening there is no reason),

Everyone advise shopping on Orchard, well, we passed, well, I looked at the clothes. Well, dear, well, cheap – and that? We, who flew 13 hours to look at the clothes? Well, we had a bunch of time, and if 2 days.

From the shopping center Viva City can be tried on the monorail tram to drive. Purity in it is just amazing.

Dolphinarium – 2.Ordinary feeding dolphins.

Meline Statue – 3+. Looking rotating cab – 5. Fort – 2. Cinema with 4D and 3D (15 min. View) – 5.

Sightseeing of Singapore Personal Experience

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