Singapore Sightseeing: Giurong Bird Park

Giurong bird park was opened in 1971 and became the largest bird park in Asia. Here lives more than five thousand individuals about 380 different species. The main goal of the park is to preserve rare species and demonstration of birds in vivo, so there are several natural habitats of feathery on its territory, from African savanna to South America’s rainforests. Every year, the park visits almost a million guests.

Birds Park is under a single control along with a night safari park and a river park safari. Tourists can purchase a single batch ticket for visiting all three parks and Singapore Zoo. Night Safari Park was opened in 1994 and became the first place in the world created specifically for studying and demonstrating the audience of animals leading the night lifestyle. More than 2,500 singles in 130 species live here. Safari in the park implies a 35-minute trip to the tram for seven recreated here by the geographical areas of the planet, from the Birth of the Himalayas before the Jungle of South-West Asia. River Safari Park – the first and only one in Asia in the Wildlife Park dedicated to river ecosystems. Here are recreated biogeocenoses of Amazon, Mekong and Neal.

Sightseeing of Singapore Park Birds Gurong

In the park of birds, you can not only admire exotic feathers, but also feed the parrots
Every day in the park there are shows with the participation of trained exotic birds

Sightseeing of Singapore Park Birds Gurong

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