Sightseeing of Minsk: Church of St. Simeon and St. Helena (Red Church)

The largest Catholic temple in Minsk received the name of the Red Church. It is designed in a neo-style style with the elements of modern. Erected on Independence Square in the city center.

His construction was started in 1905 and lasted five years. The project financed the nobleman Eduard Viozylovich, his name was received in memory of the deceased children of the patron.

The authors of the project are Polish architects Vladislav Marconi and Tomas Pisader. All sculptural and stone internal work performed the famous Polish master Sigmund Ott. The first service here took place in December 1910.

Temple tower decorated three bells. The biggest one had a weight equal to 972 kilograms. With the arrival of Soviet power, the church was looted, since 1932 the theater was located, later – film studio. The newly acting church began in the years of occupation by German troops. After the war, reconstruction was carried out and a film studio has earned in it. Since 1975, a cinema house has been located here and the cinema museum.

The return of the building of the Catholic Church took place in 1990, now regular worships are held in the temple.

Sightseeing of Minsk Church of St. Simeon and St. Helena (Red Church)

In front of the church set the sculpture of St. Michael, piercing the Snake. The author of the 4.5-meter monument is and. Golubev. In 2002, a monument was erected next to Arkhangel "Bell Nagasaki", reminding everyone about victims of nuclear disasters.

View of the monument and red church
Interior of the Red Church in Minsk

Opening hours: visiting the church is possible daily from 10.00 to 19.00. Ticket price: entrance to the temple is free. How to get there: on the metro station to Lenin Square. Address: Independence Square, 15, Minsk.

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