Landmark of Kyiv: House with chimeras

One of the most unusual buildings in Kyiv was built by architect Vladislav Gorodetsky in just two years at the very beginning of the twentieth century. It is customary to compare with the Paris Cathedral of Notre Dame because of the large number of bizarre creatures adorning the mansion designed in the style of early modern.

Ambolistic and talented architect after the construction of several successful joint objects wanted to finally asserted and demonstrate to all their skills. Possessing a fair share of adventurism, he acquired the plot unsuitable for development and created a real masterpiece for the development, for the first time using a new material for the first time – cement. Since the plot was uneven, then the building on the one hand has three floors, and on the other – seven.

Initially, Vladislav Gorodetsky built a house for himself, thinking of him as an income. He was an avid hunter and handed his passion for hunting in stone, depicting many different animal and mythical creatures on the building. But there is no real chimer on the building, just so painted his folk cute.

The interiors inside the building were not inferior to the luxurious stucco, it was also thought out to the smallest detail of the internal economy to meet all the needs of the guests: the house was a glacier, cellar, laundry, stables, and even a barn. After the end of construction over the next eight years, the apartments of this house were very popular, despite the high cost of rent, and the sculptor himself occupied one of the floors. But later, due to financial problems, he had to put a mansion for trading.

Sightseeing of Kyiv House with chimeras

After selling the house often changed the owners, and due to improper operation, as well as due to damage received during the war, began to gradually collapse. In 2003, a restoration was carried out, and the famous building was decided to make a small residence of the President of Ukraine.

In the wrong light of evening lights, the house with chimeras looks especially picturesque
Sculptures on the house resemble love of the architect Gorodetsky to African safari

Right: Metro Station "Chrushchatic" and "Maidan NopezhnostŃ–". Address: Kyiv, Street Bankova, house 10.

Sightseeing of Kyiv House with chimeras

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