Krakow Sightseeing: Market Square (Main Market)

Market Square in Krakow is not only a city center, but also a center of historical, cultural and tourist life. The size of the area is 200 meters, which rightfully gives it the title of one of the largest in Europe.

The time of her appearance refers to the XIII-XIV centuries, when Krakow was the capital of Poland. Motion of machines on the market square is closed, so the townspeople and guests of the city can freely walk around the square and adjacent to the streets.

In the center of the Market Square is Sukiennice Building (Sukiennice), the first floor of which occupy trading rows with many souvenir shops. On the second floor there is a museum of painting of Polish masters of the XVIII-XIX centuries. Next to the trading rows there is a small partially left underground, the Church of St. Wozech.

Immediately behind the Sukennice stands a slightly dyed tower of the City Hall. Once in its dungeons, Tomili and tortured prisoners, and on the first floor there was a city treasury. Now in the town hall is Krakow Historical Museum. Also, part of the museum is located in the dungeons under the area occupying about 6000 square meters.

It is impossible to pass by the unusual asymmetric gothic architecture of the Mariacka Church (Bazylika Mariacka) located between the market square and adjacent to the Mariatskaya Square. Every hour on the Church Tower plays a trumpeter. This signal is a tribute to the ancient tradition, when the sound of the pipe announced the townspeople about the approaching attack or fire.

Sightseeing of Krakow Market Square (Main Market)

The market square is surrounded by houses, each of which has its own interesting architectural appearance and its history. Now in these houses there are cafes and restaurants where you can eat delicious, drink and admire the view. Also, tourists are available on Square: street artists, traders living flowers, Couter with horses and carants and "Live sculptures".

Krakow’s Market Square – one of the largest in Europe
Trading rows of Sukenitsa
Mariatsky Church

How to get there: Nearest stops – PLAC WSZYSTKICH Swietych (trams №№ 1, 6, 8, 13, 18), Poczta Glowna (buses No. 610, 904, 62, 69) Address: Krakow, Stare Miasto, Rynek Glowny

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