Sightseeing Havana: San Cristobal Cathedral

Havana Cathedral (he is the Cathedral of St. Christopher, Catedral De San Cristóbal de la Habana), built in 1777, is one of the central temples of the capital of Cuba. Built in the style of the colonial baroque, he immediately rushes into the eyes of his asymmetry – the right tower is essentially wider than the left. Despite such a disharmony called "Asymmetric baroque", Cathedral is one of the most beautiful monuments of the Cuban capital.

It is believed that in this cathedral during the 20th century, the remains of Christopher Columbus, what a memorial plaque on the wall says. However, there are no evidence to this: many temples in the region claim to place the tomb of the Great Marithener.

Strict interior of the cathedral, made in neoclassical style, contrasts with a rich facade. In the temple there are eight drops (limits) dedicated to various saints. Author of the painting for Altarem – Giuseppe Perovani, invited Italian artist. The altar itself is performed by another Master from Italy – Giuseppe Bianchini, and the statue of St. Christopher – Spanish sculptor Martin de Anduharan.

The best time to visit the cathedral, of course, the morning Sunday Mesa; Only then can you feel the atmosphere of this old temple. Thanks to excellent acoustics, the room is ideal for concerts of organ music. You can long consider stones from which walls are built: they can see a lot of petrified inhabitants of the sea.

Sightseeing of Havana Cathedral San Cristobal

The area in front of the cathedral is a popular place of resting citizens and tourists, there are constantly various fairs and exhibitions on it.

On the square in front of the cathedral there are always many tourists.
Opening hours: Monday-Friday from 10:30 to 15:30, Saturday from 10:30 to 14:00, Sunday from 9:00 to 12:30. How to get there: by taxi or foot, road to Calle Empedrado by Avenida Belgica. Address: Calle Empedrado 156 (Emperado Street), Habana Vieja (Staraya Havana), Havana, Cuba.

Sightseeing of Havana Cathedral San Cristobal

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