Sightseeing of Geneva: House of Tavel – City Museum

Tavel House is the oldest building in the city, an outstanding architectural monument. The first building in this place was built in the XII century, but it was destroyed by a fire of 1334 along with other city buildings. The wealthy nobility family Tavel on the site of the old wooden housed a new stone building, which perfectly survived to the present day.

For centuries, owners changed, some of them at the repair of the building made small changes in its appearance. He was in the middle of 1963, and then became urban property. After that, it began on the restoration work.

Sightseeing of Geneva House Tavel - City Museum

Since 1984, the expositions of the city museum are located in the walls of the house, telling about all significant events in the history of Geneva, as well as about the life of ordinary residents. Expositions cover the period from the beginning of the XV century to this day. Here are the works of artists and sculptors not only Switzerland, but also neighboring countries. Of particular interest is the model of the city exhibited in the museum, created in 1950 by the architect A.Magnetic. It is made of zinc and copper, to work on the exhibit from the author left 18 years.

Black house with a turret, named after the first owners – Tales

Sightseeing of Geneva House Tavel - City Museum

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