Sightseeing Geneva: Large Hadron Collider

A large adronle collider (tank) is an accelerator of nuclear particles used in order to dispersed heavy ions and protons, as well as to study products arising from their collision. To date, this is the world’s largest experienced installation – it is installed on the border of France and Switzerland.

When it is created, and then in the experiments, about ten thousand scientists and specialists more than one hundred countries participated in. Collider was created with the European Council of Nuclear Research, located near Geneva. CERN is the largest world scientific center founded in 1954 to explore high energies. Under his auspices, more than 20 states cooperate.

"Big" Collider called named because of really huge sizes. Its main ring has a length of 26,659 meters. Word "Hadronic" Corresponds to the processes that occur in it: this is the acceleration of hadrons – heavy particles, which contains quarks. Translated the collider indicates "Facility", What is confirmed by practice, since the bundles of particles in the installation are moving in the polar directions in a circle until they encounter at certain points.

The hadron collider is a kind of ring-shaped tunnel, whose length is over 26 kilometers. It is located at a depth of 50 to 175 meters. Its structure also includes tunnels of smaller sizes in which the initial acceleration of particles is performed. The idea of ​​creating an accelerator arose in 1984, but his assembly was launched a lot later, 17 years later. The first launch of the device occurred in 2008.

Any tourist can enable free excursion to CERN. The guide will tell about the history of the organization and the creation of a hadron collider. You can see the schedule and sign up for a visit on the official website: / Outreach / Visites / Index.HTML. Usually an excursion that is held in English or French lasts three hours. However, you need to understand what you want to get on a unique object a lot, and groups that are formed for the visit are very small. So wait for your queue for a long time: usually visits are scheduled for a few weeks ahead.

Much easier to get to the exhibition "Universe particles" and "Microcosm", which are constantly working on the territory of the center. Every half an hour for tourists demonstrate a film telling about the creation and work of the adronle collider. Exhibition hours better clarify on the official website – / Outreach / Expos cern / Horaires.HTML

Sightseeing of Geneva Great Hadron Collider

Engineer sets up collider
In CERN, the most important discoveries of our era are committed
Large hadron collider – one of the most unusual sights of Geneva

Ticket price: is free.


Sightseeing of Geneva Great Hadron Collider

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