Sightseeing of Geneva: Bathing Pak

Geneva Lake, on the shores of which is located the city, is famous for amazing purity. Despite the fact that the water here even in the summer is pretty cool, a lot of beach zones are equipped on the shore. Some – with baths and saunas, as well as pools.

Bain de Paki (Bains des Paquis). Artificial beach is located on the lake, almost in the city center, and connects with it a pedestrian bridge. This is a favorite place of recreation of local residents, and all ages and various social status. It is how it is impossible to show all the cosmopolitanity of the Spirit of Geneva. In the bathhouses of Ben de Paki gather informal artists and housewives, business people and students relax, spend leisure couples with children and, of course, a lot of tourists.

In addition to artificial beach, saunas and recreation areas with sun beds you can visit the famous bar-buffet with democratic prices and self-service.

Sightseeing of Geneva Bathing Pak

Ban-de-Paki baths were open to visiting the general public at the very beginning of 1932. Over the years, they have been hospitably accepted all who wishes to relax and have a good time. In 1988, they were decided to demolish, and the townspeople had to defend the bathing. A referendum was held, according to the results of which they remained in their own. Their capital reconstruction took place. Today, the swimming pools – not just the beach and the place of cultural leisure, but also the famous city attractions.

Ban-de Paky
Tower on Ban de Paki
Holidays of office clerk in Geneva
Even in winter there are always many tourists next to the baths

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