Sightseeing of Frankfurt am Main: Tsaile Street

Tsaile (Nem. Zeil) – the main shopping street Frankfurt am Main, which is considered one of the most crowded and visited streets in Germany. This is a full-fledged pedestrian zone, limited from the east Konstablerwache and from the West Hauptwache, located near the Imperial Cathedral in the historic center of the city and known for its houses in the style of neoclassicism and Baroque.

The street appeared at the beginning of the XIV century after the boundaries of the city were transferred by order of Ludwig IV. Earlier, there was a huge wasteland, fenced off from the fields of the city wall and the moat, but in just a few years a number of houses have grown in front of the protective structure (it. Häuserzeile), who gave rise to Zeil Street.

Gradually, the city was grew, in it there were permanent fairs and festive events that attract crowds of people. The street began to build hotels and stories, and by the middle of the XVI century, the local one who built several mansions in the style of Italian Palazzo on the free places.

A little later, Renaissance and Neoclassicism came to replace, and by the beginning of the XIX century, the street was an amazing mixture of luxurious buildings of various architectures that made the Tsaile the most beautiful street of Frankfurt am Main. From the middle of the XIX century, mansions begin to re-equip under the stores, there are enough modern shopping centers for a shift.

During World War II, the allies almost completely bombed this street, but the Germans managed to restore the former glory of the district. Now Tsaile posted hundreds of corporate boutiques offering a wide range of world-famous brands, as well as dozens of cafes, restaurants and shopping centers. In the mid-1990s, a solemn opening of a ten-story spiral-shaped store took place "Tsaylgaleri", On the roof of which acts the observation deck.

Sightseeing of Frankfurt am Main Street Tsail

On Thursday and Saturday next to opens "Green market" (not. Erzeugermarkt) on which manufacturers offer buyers fruits, vegetables, cheeses, wines and other goods. Before Christmas, the street turns into the oldest and largest christmas market in Germany.

Outside Tsail is always crowded, especially in days

How to get: Street departs from Hauptwache Square, where the metro station is located. Address: ZEIL, FRANKFURT AM MAIN

Sightseeing of Frankfurt am Main Street Tsail

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