Sightseeing of Frankfurt am Main: Maintauer Skyscraper

Mintwauer (Nem. MainTower) is one of the most famous skyscrapers of Frankfurt am Main and all Germany.

It was built in January 2000, its height is 200 meters, and the weight is about 200 thousand tons (building 20 times heavier than the famous Eiffel Tower). The skyscraper consists of 60 floors (56 above ground and 4 underground) and is located on Neue Mainzer Straße, not far from the Imperial Cathedral.

This is the first European multi-storey with a fully glass facade: thanks to the special design of the windows, it was possible to move away from the system of single air conditioning in favor of the individual. To ensure a skyscraper of energy underground, a geothermal power plant was built, which allowed to reduce electricity and heat.

Interesting Altitude Design itself. Lower floors as it were in the historical facade of the building that has previously stood in this place, underlining the contrast between ancient and urban style. On the roof there is an observation deck with a beautiful view of the entire city and the Main River. The site is very popular with tourists, but it should be borne in mind that in bad weather and with strong wind it is closed for security purposes.

Sightseeing of Frankfurt am Main Skyscraper Maintauer

High-speed elevators raise visitors up at a speed of 7 meters per second. In the building there are offices of Landesbank Hesssen-Thüringen, Alvarez and Marsal and Merrill Lynch, and the highest European television and radio studio is located on the 53-54th floors.

At the entrance to the skyscraper, you can explore the video installation of Villa Viola – The World of Appearances, as well as the mosaic of the famous Masters of Stefan Huber "Frankfurt staircase".

Skyscraper is built into the old building
View from the observation deck of Mintwauer
Skyscrapers – Business Card Frankfurt

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