Landmark Frankfurt am Main: Old Opera

Frankfurt Opera House, more famous called Old Opera (Him. Alte Oper) is considered one of the most beautiful and well-known city buildings. He leads his story since 1698, when the arrival group first presented to the general public opera Tale "Adam and Eva". Citizens immediately loved this type of art and allocated a special place for performances, subsequently converted into a mobile theater.

People asked the municipality for a long time about the construction of a separate building under the Opera House, but due to the lack of funds did not work. In the end, the aristocrats and rich industries Frankfurt am Main collected the right amount and ordered the project by the famous architect Richard Luke. Construction lasted for almost seven years – the solemn discovery took place on October 22, 1880, Kaiser Wilhelm himself took part in the ceremony. The building created in the Renaissance style was quite typical for theaters of that time – double fronton, a large number of statues and bas-reliefs and the motto in front of the entrance: "True, beautiful, kind".

During World War I, the Opera Theater suffered greatly from bombing of the Allied Troops and spent almost 35 years in ruins. As a result, the townspeople achieved that the old opera returned to life – in 1981, restoration work was completed and she again received the first spectators, becoming part of the cultural life of Frankfurt am Main. Builders managed to recreate the appearance of the structure and the main hall, and the rest of the premises were redone to the modern way.

Sightseeing of Frankfurt am Main Old Opera

At the moment, two halls operate in the building: Mozart Hall (Him. Mozart Saal) and big, famous for its magnificent acoustics. They constantly undergo concerts of local and world performers, play rock, jazz, pop groups and speaken song-dance groups.

Because of the old opera, a new skyscraper looks out: everything is mixed in Frankfurt
View of the old opera from above
To Christmas fountain before the frankfurt opera always decorate

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