Sightseeing Espoo: Car Museum

Museum of cars in Espoo with the automotive association – the largest in Finland. The museum building is a monument of architecture, it was built in 1915.

The exposition is constantly updated, several dozen motorcycle models and mopeds are presented in the museum, as well as more than a hundred cars from the beginning of the century until the 1970s. There is also a large collection of sports cars of different eras, including Soviet ("Victory", Early models "Muscovites" and "Volg"). The pride of the museum is a large collection of early "Mercedes".

The museum has a cafe, and on holidays or commissioned in it, as in many other Finnish museums, various events are held – fairs, lectures, trips to mopeds and motorcycles, etc. Some extensive museum exhibits are leased; In general, the custodians of the museum try to maintain all vehicles in working condition.

The museum regularly undergo thematic exhibitions related to cars, motorcycles, bicycles, road history. Separate small exposure is dedicated to old sewing machines.

Sightseeing of Espo Museum of Car

Guides of the museum – not just full-time employees, and the enthusiasts of their case, which thoroughly know the history of each car in the collection and ready to tell her visitors. You can get behind the wheel, for example, legendary "Chrysler", Listening to the history of its creation.

In the museum created by enthusiasts, you can find the most amazing cars

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