Sightstitality of Amsterdam: Nemo Science Center

Science Center Nemos – the largest National Center for Science and Technology, one of the famous sights of the Netherlands. From afar of a similar green sea wave, it was developed by the Renzo drunken architect (one of the authors of the Pompidou Center in Paris) and contains many practical exhibitions, thematic expositions, photography and video materials, ecological sites, laboratories and game zones in its walls.

Initially, the idea of ​​creating an educational museum in which children from an early age could study the laws of physics, chemistry, biology. In 1997, with the participation of the Queen of the Netherlands, Beatrix was opened by a museum "NEW METROPOL", But soon financial difficulties led him to bankruptcy. After the restoration and until today’s days, the museum operates called NEMO and is one of the most impressive buildings in Amsterdam.

The center building is made in the form of a huge green ship in five floors. The first is a half-hour show showing a chain reaction; The second floor is assigned to the factory of the balls; The third – under the laboratory, where visitors conduct scientific experiments. On the fourth floor there is a section dedicated to the human brain and memory. Through the fourth floor, you can go on a stepped roof of the museum with a view of the entire city. The fifth floor of the building is assigned to the cafeteria. In the center there is a theater where exhibitions, lectures, presentations are held.

All experiments and training are held here in the game form, and most of the exhibits of the museum are intended to touch them, because it is through tactile contact that you can better understand how the world works.

Sightseeing of Amsterdam Nemo Science Center

In the summer, a cafe and a peculiar beach area of ​​Bovennemo opens on the roof (rather a solarium, since a few) are solved in the waters of Ostristo).

NEMO Museum Buildings Easily find out – it looks like a wave or a huge green ship

Sightseeing of Amsterdam Nemo Science Center

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