Landmark Miami: Villa Casa Casoirina

Villa Casa-Kasuoarina, also known as Amsterdam Palace, Villa Barton and is the most famous name of the mansion – Villa Versachi, is estimated at $ 40 million and above. It was built in 1930 by the project of architect and the patron of Olden Fremen. The source of inspiration when creating the villa has become the oldest of all preserved buildings of the Western Hemisphere – a house called Alcazar de Colon, which belonged to the son of the famous navigator Diego Columbm.

The beauty and indifference of the house attracted the attention of Bohemia of the thirties, the famous artists and people of art were often located at Villa. The house has received the greatest fame in 1992, when it acquired Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace. Up to the tragic death of the designer in 1997, the house served not only as its residence, but also the venue of the show and noisy parties. Printed on the coast loved Princess Diana, Madonna and other famous fashion designers.

Having bought a villa, Versace changed her inner decoration, leaving, however, the very historical building without significant changes. An interesting fact: the internal repair and decoration of Villa Versach spent more than 33 million dollars, while the mansion himself cost the designer of 2.9 million. So, the fashion designer decorated the bottom of the pool with a mosaic from 100 million tiles specially made in Italy, and as a scenery was bought and brought from France sculpture of the XVI century. The house has one of the three most expensive marble toilets, the cost of which is estimated at 10,000 dollars.

After the death of the fashion designer, in 2000 the house acquired Magnate Peter Loftin, turning the villa in a private club. In September 2009, the house moved to the famous Barton restaurant g.Wece, where the luxury restaurant was opened by The Villa by Barton G. However, in our days, Casa-Casoirarin is in launch.

Sightseeing Miami Villa Casa-Kasuaarina

After the death of Versace Villa changed the owners.

Route: By bus 103, 123 before the intersection of Washington AV. and 11 st. Address: 1116 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, Florida

Sightseeing Miami Villa Casa-Kasuaarina

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