Landmark Lappenranta: Saymen Channel

Shipping Saymen Channel (Saimaan Kanava) with eight gateways stretched 43 kilometers from Vyborg to Lappenranta. Construction of a canal that connected the Vyborg Bay with Lake Saima began in 1845 and lasted 12 years. The significance of this structure for freight and passenger shipping is difficult to overestimate. The new transport artery allowed Finland to export cargo from the internal territories to Russia and the European countries, strengthening the available and establishing new foreign economic relations. The growth of the pace of industry, the development of the fleet, new jobs are the results of the construction of the Saimen Channel.

However, in addition to undoubtedly industrial use, the channel demonstrated tourist potential. The nature of the lakeside does not leave indifferent passengers of cruise ships for over a century. Shipping flights immediately became popular. On the banks of the channel, dacha villages were rapidly launched, where the prosperous inhabitants of St. Petersburg and Vyborg came to rest.

Infrastructure did not make himself wait: Hotels, restaurants, kiosks began to appear. Brewery was built in Lauritsala. Finland has become accessible to fans of hunting and fishing, on the shores of Saima, enterprising Finns arranged balneological resorts, casino opened in Lappenranta.

Nowadays, the canal is still one of the most important water vessels in the region. Almost half of cargo transported is a forest. For tourists from Russia, the most famous route on the canal is the ring route from St. Petersburg through Vyborg and Lappenranta.

Sightseeing Lappenranta Symen Canal

It is noted that, in addition to the transport, the canal has environmental, cultural and historical and social importance for both countries. In its surroundings there are many historical monuments, including the XIX century gateways with preserved sluts and mechanisms. Separate gateways are marked with memorable signs. Interesting and located in Lappenranta Channel Pontus, the result of one of the first attempts taken to pave the canal.

In Lappenranta there is a museum of the Saimen Channel, in the exposition of which its historical development and modern condition are reflected. The museum opened in 1995. It is located outside the city, in a picturesque area, next to the shores of Lake Saima, from where the canal originates.

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