Sightseeing Geneva: Old Town

The historic part of Geneva, called the Old Town, is located on the left bank of the lake. This area is famous for numerous architectural monuments.

The most important of them is St. Peter’s Cathedral. Its construction lasted almost 150 years, it began in the Romanesque era, and ended in Gothic. In the XVI century, the temple belonged to Protestants. In memory of it in it stored Calvin chair. Here and today you can see medieval carved shops, as well as wonderful stained glass windows and mosaics. Exactly at midnight Chimes of the Tower of the Cathedral beat off the hymn of Geneva. Very good cathedral looks at night, highlighted by numerous spotlights.

Among the attractions of the Old Town of Geneva, the Cross-Promotional Orthodox Cathedral, built in the XIX century, can be distinguished. The author of the project was St. Petersburg Architect Grimm.

In this part of Geneva there are mayor’s museum, the museum of the Reformation, as well as the Museum of Watch, some exhibits of which for more than five centuries. Proud of the whole city is the House of Captain Tavel. In the building of the ancient mansion, erected in the XIV century, in 1984, the Museum of Geneva was opened, the exhibits of which are narrated by the history of Switzerland and the city.

Sightseeing Geneva Old Town

The Town Hall Building, in which for 600 years has been conducting its meetings of city authorities, surprises not only the original architecture, but also the unique acoustics of the courtyard. Quite often in the summer evening, popular performers give here concerts of classical music.

The center of the historic part of Geneva is the Burg-de-Four Square (Bourg-de-Four).

Sightseeing Geneva Old Town

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