Sightseeing of Geneva: Fountain Zhet-d’O

Fountain Zhet-d’O (Jet D’Eau) – one of the main attractions of Geneva. It is one of the highest in the world: a jet rises to a height of 140 meters. Two powerful pumps give the water throwing speed almost 200 kilometers per hour, and the mass of water in the air reaches 7 tons. White color jet has a special air sprayer, which satures it with small bubbles.

The first version of the fountain installed in 1886 was located down slightly lower from the place where he is now. At the celebration of the 600-year anniversary of the Swiss Confederation in 1891, he was postponed in the city’s illness for universal Furnishing. Then the height of the fountain was 90 meters. Today’s place in the Geneva port he took in 1951 and from that time uses water from the lake, and not from the water supply, as before. Since 2003, the operation mode has become almost permanent, since the disconnections are only in exceptional cases due to severe wind or frost.

Sightseeing Geneva Fountain Zhet-d

With the onset of twilight, the fountain is highlighted by twelve spotlights and turns into an incredibly beautiful sight, watching which you can from several viewing sites, for the entrance to which the fee is not charged. Fountain is located on the left bank of the Lake Geneva, opposite the famous Quai Gustave Ador embankment and flower watches in English.

Sightseeing Geneva Fountain Zhet-d

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