Sightseeing Geneva: English Park and Floral Watch

On the shores of Geneva Lake is a park made in traditional English style, for which he got its name – Le Jardin Anglais. Tourists love to walk along the neat paths of the park, admiring the work of the famous Geneva fountain.

The main attraction of the English park are floral clocks that have become a popular symbol of the city. This is a reminder that Switzerland is a country that is famous for its watchmaking. The unique development of Charles Linnei, associated with the biological rhythms of flowering plants, was embodied in Geneva in 1903. The design is a clock-hidden clock mechanism with a moving arrow above the flower composition performing the role of the dial.

Flower watches in modern form appeared in the park in 1955. In diameter they reach five meters. Their design changes annually, for which more than six and a half thousand different varieties of plants are used. And since they flourish at different times, then the dial palette every month is new.

Sightseeing Geneva English Park and Floral Watch

Very soon, the floral clock will change their appearance, as it is planned to replace the electronic mechanism today to replace mechanical. During the operation of the device, you can observe through the unbreakable glass of a special porthole.

Floral clocks are one of the main attractions of Geneva

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