Sightseeing Gagr: Abatip Fortress and the Church of St. Ipatia Gagr

Within the old Gagra and Primorsky Park there is the ABAAT Fortress – ancient defensive construction of Abkhazia and the entire Black Sea coast of the Caucasus. It was built approximately in the IV-V centuries, during the weakening of the Byzantium and the origin of the earlyabhaz Principities. During the retreat of the our troops from Gagra in 1854, it suffered very much, but subsequently was restored in its original form.

Abate Fortress in Old Gagra

In the VI-VIII centuries, the Church of the Interior of God’s Mother of Lady, subsequently consecrated in the name of Hagtia Gagr. This is one of the oldest samples of the Christian three-penette basilica on the territory of Abkhazia, and he has been quite well preserved to the present day, which is particularly surprising, taking into account the fact that almost a century the semi-paved complex was used as a powder warehouse. During the study of the late XIX century under the fortress and the temple, underground galleries discovered in different directions were found.

Church of St. Iparati Gagr

Sightseeing Gagr ABAAT Fortress and the Church of St. Ipatia Gagr

In 2007, a new reconstruction began, during which the internal situation of the temple was recreated, a new iconostasis was established and covered with lighting – now Church of St. Iparati Gagr acts in its initial purpose.

Walls of the fortress abatay
Polished by thousands of legs road from stone slabs leading to the temple, framed Cypress Alley and serves as a peculiar business card of the resort.

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