Sightseeing Espoo: Nuuxio National Park

Nouhsisio North Park is North-west Helsinki and covers an area of ​​about 53 square kilometers; It is also called a park of fifty lakes. Four special tourist routes are laid here in such a way that tourists can explore most of the natural attractions, without having hurting them. Each trail is indicated by pointers of its color, so you can navigate without looking at the scheme. Park can be visited at any time of the year.

Animal and vegetable world Park is diverse: here you can meet a fly-fly protein, goatoy, lark, wood and hawp, see rare types of moss and other plants. On the lakes you can feed the ducks and ruskv stored in advance bread. Collection of berries and mushrooms allowed. In the wilderness of the park, bears, lynx and deer.

Many places have campgrounds with fires for fires and pre-harvested firewood and dishes. Food should take with you, as there are no shops and restaurants in the park.

In 2013, a natural center was opened nearby "Haltya", The purpose of which is to acquaint visitors with all National Parks of Finland and with Park Nuksio in particular.

Sightseeing Espo National Park Nuksio

Center specialists have developed several organized excursions, including lakes. Of particular interest is the lake Mustalampi (translated "Black swamp"); During the orstive bottom, water has a rich dark color. There are many fish in the lake – roach, Yazi, Perch, Yershi and even pike.

A special routes for tourists pass through the park
Riding on the lakes of the natural park on boats and kayaks – Popular entertainment

Sightseeing Espo National Park Nuksio

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