Sightseeing Espoo: WEEGEE Exhibition Center

The Weegee Exhibition Center is located in the suburb of Helsinki, in the city of Espoo. The main interest in it is five permanent museums. This is the Museum of Contemporary Art Emma, ​​Kamu – Urban Museum of Espo, Museum of Finnish toys, Ethnographic Museum Helinä Rautavaara and Time Measurement Museum.

Also in the center there is a museum store, a restaurant and a kind of house of the future (Futuro House) in the form of a large flying saucer. Weegee takes the building of the former printing house.

EMMA – one of the largest artistic museums in Finland. The main collection contains more than two thousand works; There is also temporary thematic exhibitions in the museum regularly. So, in 2013, there was an exhibition of one of the most famous photographers of the world of Norwegian Feather Manning. Museum recommended for lovers of modern avant-garde art.

The toy museum are represented as traditional folk Finnish products and modern toys, often representing artworks; First of all, the museum is interested in adults.

Sightseeing Espo Exhibition Center Weegee

In the watches museum collected more than 6 thousand historical watches and other items related to time measurement.

The ethnographic museum is a private collection supported by the same name. He specializes in non-European cultures and intercultural ties. The Museum is the largest collection of materials from West Africa in Finland (ritual items, everyday things, art and t.NS.).

Building Weegee Museum
House of the Future, similar to a flying plate

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