Sightseeing Düsseldorf: Rheinturm Tenerbash (Rhine Tower)

Rheinturm television and broadcasting tower, or just the Rhine Tower – Dusseldorf Symbol. In addition to the analog television and VHF radio stations located here, at an altitude of 166 meters is open to visiting the observation deck, on which more than 300 thousand visitors are rising annually, and a little higher, at an altitude of 174.5 meters, a restaurant and bar spawned around the axis.

The tower towers above the city at an altitude of 240.5 meters and is the highest building of Düsseldorf. However, this is not the first television tower of Düsseldorf. The modern structure appeared in 1982, having come to replace the 75-meter tower built in 1960-1961, which up to the end of the seventies satisfied the requirements of television and broadcasting. Only in 1977 a competition was announced for the project of the new television.

In early 1979, construction work began on the draft architect Harald Dylemann, the result of which was the modern Tower of the Rhine, the official opening of which was held on March 1, 1982. Modern TV do not only the highest building Düsseldorf, but also, according to the Guinness Book, the biggest hours in the world. The tower is broken into three parts that are equipped with 62 lamps, divided (top down) for hours, minutes and seconds. Hours work, however, only with the onset of darkness.

Sightseeing Düsseldorf Tenerbashnya Rheinturm (Riine Tower)

Photos of the Riine Tower

Opening hours: The observation deck is open from Sunday to Thursday from 10.00 to 24.00, Friday and Saturday from 10.00 to 01.00 Ticket cost: adult – 5 euros, children under 12 years old – 3 euros, adolescents under 18 – 4 euros. Route: Lines of trams 704, 709 and 719 before the LandTag / Kniebrücke stop or bus number 725 before the Rheinturm stop address: Stromstraße 20, 40212 Düsseldorf

Sightseeing Düsseldorf Tenerbashnya Rheinturm (Riine Tower)

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