Sightseeing Düsseldorf: Nord Park

North Park (Nord or Nordpark Park) is located in the Schtokum area and occupies an area over 36 hectares. From the numerous parks of Düsseldorf, it is Nordpark that are considered the most convenient, well-maintained and most visited.

Construction began in 1936, at the time of national socialists. The park was supposed to become a platform for the largest exhibition of the Third Reich "Working people" ReichSustellUng "Schaffendes Volk"). The solemn opening of the park and the exhibition took place on May 8, 1937, the exhibition itself attracted almost seven million visitors. Most of the exhibits presented in the park are sculptures and monuments depicting the ideal in the representation of the ruling party member of the Company.

After World War II, the Park has passed the possession of the British troops based in Dusseldorf, becoming a holiday location for English soldiers. Since 1953, the park was partially opened for visiting and over time was completely transferred to the city.

Today, part of Nord Park is a Japanese Garden, created and transferred to the city in 1975 by the Japanese Diaspora, the only one in all Germany and has more than 6,000 thousand participants living in Dusseldorf. Also on the territory of the Northern Park is located open in 1987 aqua zoo Aquazoo and Museum of Natural History Loebek.

Sightseeing Düsseldorf Park Nord

Photos of Nord Park in Dusseldorf

How to get: Metro Lines U78, U79, Bus number 760 before Nordpark / Aquazoo. Address: Kaiserswerther Straße 365, 40474 Düsseldorf.

Sightseeing Düsseldorf Park Nord

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