Sightseeing Düsseldorf: Palace Benrat

Palace Benrath (Schloss Benrath) is a complex of structures and a park adjacent to them with access to the Rhine River.

The main part of the complex is the palace itself, built in 1770. Palace Benrat unites rococo style and early classicism. Personal apartments are made in the style of lush baroque and Rococo, while the reception halls were made in the strict style of classicism. Strict straight lines and restrained decoration prevail here.

To the facilities located in the northwestern part of the park, adjoins the artificial pond, dividing the park for two halves. Earlier, the park was also divided into small "Personal parks" Highest Persons.

Sightseeing Düsseldorf Palace Benrat

The complex was built at the venue of the Karlie-Theodore Karlie-Teodore Bavaria and Bavaria, and during the existence, he served not only by the residence of the ruling dynasties, but also a male school and women’s gymnasium, as well as the Berntaya Palace Gymnasium. In 1929, a natural history museum was opened in the West Flegele, and already in 2000 in East Flegene, the Museum of European Park Art was located.

Every year, various events are arranged on the territory of the complex. In March, the Day of Open Doors Bernate is held, the Düsseldorf Baroque Festival is held in August, and in the winter the annual Christmas Fair opens here. In addition, the palace has become a popular destination for private events – birthday, weddings, conferences and congresses.

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