Sightseeing Düsseldorf: Kunstpalace Museum

Museum of Art, or Kunstpalace, located on the north of the center of Düsseldorf, in the Ehrenhof district. The museum building was commissioned in 1926, but the history of the museum and collections begins in 1846. It was then that the Union was created for the opening of the art gallery, which since that time was bored with the objects of fine arts, primarily the paintings of the Dusseldorf art school. Initially, the collection of the museum includes meetings not only the Union, but also the exhibits of the museum of applied art and the Ceramics Collections of the Hetjens Museum.

During the board of the National Socialist Party, more than 900 works were seized from the Museum collection, which were found to be degenerative art, which included paintings not only avant-garde art (modernism, anticlassicism), but also "Jewish-Bolshevik" and "Antighermansky".

Sightseeing Düsseldorf Kunstpalace Museum

Today, the permanent exposition of the museum includes three parts: old painting, painting XIX century, where special attention is paid to Düsseldorf school, as well as web modernism. The last section includes not only the pictures of the artists of the 20th century and modernity, but also a collection of sculptures and modern media art.

Sightseeing Düsseldorf Kunstpalace Museum

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