Sightseeing Düsseldorf: Altstadt district (Old Town)

Altstadt district – the oldest district of Düsseldorf. The first mention of the small settlement Dusseldorp date back to 1159. Having received the status of the city in 1288, the settlement acquires significant privileges, and from that moment its active development begins.

A large number of attractions are concentrated in Altstadt, including Dusseldorf Town Hall, the Academy of Arts and Art Collection of the Earth North Rhine-Westphalia.

Most of the streets located in the area of ​​the Old Town, Pedestrian, they retained the spirit of Middle Ages. Be sure to go through the streets of the Academy (Akademiestrasse), Andreas (Andreasstrasse), Berker (BerkerStrasse) and linger on Market Place (MarkTplatz). All of them take their origin in the XII-XIII centuries and many at home, have undergone only small changes, preserved in pristine.

Altstadt replete with a large number of stores, boutiques, as well as various peteed establishments. On an area that occupies no more than 500 square meters, over 300 restaurants, typical German restaurants, bars and discos are concentrated.

Sightseeing Düsseldorf District Altstadt (Old Town)

If you believe the old Düsseldorf song, then Altstadt Streets are the longest beer table in the world. According to tradition, every guest of the city should taste in Altstadt of the traditional dark Dusseldorf beer "Altbir" or translated old beer.

District Altstadt faces a face to Rhine and goes to the Rhine Promenade, forming it the most beautiful part consisting of Town Hall and Casting Quays.

Sightseeing Düsseldorf District Altstadt (Old Town)

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