Dubai Sightseeing: Jumeira Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque (Jumeirah Mosque) is considered the most beautiful dubia mosque. This is the first mosque in the United Arab Emirates, which in the framework of the program of cultural understanding of nations was open to visiting those who do not profess Islam.

Her construction was started in 1975 due to Sheikh Rashid Ibn Said al-McTUMU. The building created from pink sandstone was opened in November 1979. It is performed in the style of Fatimid temples (an ancient Arab state, which was located in the X-XIII century in the territory of the current Syria, Egypt and Palestine) and consists of two majestic minarets and a huge dome.

Now the mosque is one of the key educational and religious institutions of Dubai, which accommodates about one and a half thousand people, and its image is applied to 500 dirham bills.

Sheikh Mohammed Ibn Rashid Al-McTwum decided to popularize Islam and Dubai, opening a cultural understanding center in Jumeira Mosque. Here regularly pass excursions for Nemusulman, who are very popular with tourists – they explain the meaning of prayer and the principles of communication with Allah in Islam, they are talking about the five main commandments (pillar) of Islam, about the emergence of this religion and why Abai should be.

Sightseeing Dubai Mosque Jumeira

At the entrance to the temple it is necessary to pass the ritual of purification: three times washed with the right and left hand nose, mouth and face. Visitors must have closed clothes (you can not cut your shoulders, torso and legs) and enter the shoe room. In addition, women should be covered with a head, traditional robe can be obtained when buying tickets). Children under 5 years old entry is strictly prohibited.

Inside the Jumeira Mosque, there is a large prayer room with a lot of columns and a kibla wall, indicating the direction to Mecca – with a Muslim prayer is obliged to turn face in this direction.

Later, the Dubai Mosque Al Faruk Umar Ibn Hattab and the Sheikh Zaid Mosque located in Abu Dhabi were opened for free visits.

Sightseeing Dubai Mosque Jumeira

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